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  Current Research Project at Museum Bellerive
Hermann Obrist (1862–1927) im Netzwerk der Künste und Medien um 1900

A research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation is currently being pursued by the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, Zürich Museum of Design, with director PD Dr. Matthias Vogel, and scientific collaborators Eva Afuhs, Dr. Sabine Gebhardt Fink and Ingo Starz.

2008 Completed Research Project at Museum Bellerive
Im Zeichen der Durchdringung von Kunst und Leben – Sophie Taeubers Marionetteninszenierung von Carlo Gozzis «König Hirsch», 1918
Sophie Taeubers puppets count as an incunabulum of modern abstract figure theatre and realize in exemplary manner the central avant-garde concern to connect art and life. With the research project, this important testimony of DADA in Zurich is to be comprehensively scientifically examined for the first time, by means of a historic reconditioning of the sources. The project aims on an interdisciplinary exchange. Aspects of the free and applied art, literature, dance, theatre and the psychoanalysis will be discussed and brought together in relation.

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